Monday, 11 January 2010

Narnia and Macc

Having just read that brussel sprout and cabbage crops have been devastated by the weather and food prices will rise, now may be the time to start thumbing seed catalogues.There is a new group Food4macc who are keen to help amateur food growers in a friendly and mutually supportive way. Why not join them at the Town House Pub on Thursday to find out more? As they say 'why not reduce your carbon footprint and grow your neighbourhood into a nicer place?'. Quite.

The Jazz and Blues society is underway again this Tuesday. Join them at the Nags Head to listen to great recordings with a friendly crowd.

Thank you Holly for your New Year wishes but 'On a sad note my husbands cousin Dan is in a terrible situation at the moment - stuck in Columbia in a terrible physical situation with no way home. We are trying to raise some money for him - '

Ok we don't know Dan but just picture yourself or somone you love in a similar situation...

Thanks to Jo for his bewitching Macc snow picture Thursday 14 jan 7.30 Town House Pub, King Edward St
Jazz and Blues, Tues 12 Jan 7.30pm Nags Head

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Helen Walmsley said...

The correct web address for Food4Macc is