Saturday, 9 January 2010

Virgin Snow

We know its dicey on side roads and precarious on pavements but its still so darned pretty. Another light dusting over night has hidden the grubby bits, and the snow just keeps on inspiring you to take your cameras out. Thanks to artist Yvonne Philiipps for her picture....more to follow and keep them coming. If you don't get to the panto in Bollington you might fancy the Virgin Marys at Ronnies on Sunday.

Victory: the council took n
ote of 450 letters of objection and a very polite bunch of demonstrators on Thursday this week. They very sensibly turned down the application for a lap dancing Club in town. The loop loves the banner Lap dancing? No. Tap Dancing? Yes, Yes, Yes!. Inspired.

Virgin Marys at Ronnies Bar Dukes Court, Mill St.

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Anonymous said...

Good work on the campaigning. Glad they turned it down, lap dancing indeed - you would need a very sensible knitted aran thong and matching scarf and balaclava for that sort of thing in this weather